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Encounter Announces Availability of VOIP Conferencing

Company Offers IP Voice Plus Closed Captioning and Transcription Services from Industry Leader RapidText

PORTLAND, Ore.(May 25, 2004) – Encounter Collaborative, an innovator in web and audio conferencing solutions, today announced the availability of Encounter VoIP, its newest conferencing platform. In conjunction with traditional telephony audio conferencing technology and its web-based Audio Control Panel, Encounter VoIP provides customers with a complete audio conferencing solution. Its IP Voice technology offers a one-way broadcast that combines a high quality audio component with low latency. For users participating from global and long distance locations, Encounter VoIP adds an easy-to-use and cost effective conferencing component that is integrated with its other traditional audio conferencing technology. By combining both VoIP and traditional audio conferencing on its web-based Audio Control Panel, Encounter provides a complete solution for its customers' needs. With an IP foundation, Encounter can continue to easily add new features to its services.

With the launch of its Voice over IP platform, Encounter continues to address the needs of enterprise companies and customers. Its ShareItNow™ technology, online presentation services, integrated audio and web conferencing, and document and information sharing enable users to select the tools and platforms they prefer when participating in important meetings, briefings and webinars.

RapidText is a voice-to-text services company that provides real-time captioning and transcription services for companies in the entertainment, medical, legal, and insurance industries, as well as educational institutions and government agencies. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, the company also provides transcription services for the television and movie industries through its Burbank subsidiary, The Transcription Company, providing services to most networks and studios from ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox to Paramount, Disney, Nickelodeon and MTV. Combining its real-time captioning and transcription services, RapidText seeks to consistently update its state-of-the-art software while also delivering more than 100 million lines of text each year.

Recognizing an opportunity to provide a unique set of technologies to benefit both enterprise customers and educational institutions, RapidText chose to partner with Encounter. “We are pleased that Encounter has provided a VoIP solution that is engineered to meet the needs of so many of our customers,” commented Glory Johnson, Vice President of Operations and co-founder of RapidText. Partnering with the company, RapidText will provide real-time captioning, transcription and translation services for domestic and international customers, many of whom communicate in English as a second language. “Combining our closed captioning services with the technology of ShareItNow™ will enable us to serve clients in a very unique way -- and to provide a written record of the communication whenever requested or required. We expect to provide high-value, searchable transcripts for many Voice over IP applications,” Johnson added.
“We wanted to take a proactive approach to the market and to continue to provide the technology and solutions our customers require. RapidText’s expertise in captioning, combined with its ability to translate transcripts into many languages, is very impressive – and it’s time for companies like ours to develop partnerships to provide clients with a more comprehensive approach to their conferencing requirements,” stated Ian Widger, CEO of Encounter.

Each of the two company’s technologies dramatically improves the way business is conducted, whether in boardrooms or classrooms across the world. Encounter VoIP is available as of May 30, 2004. With its new platform, customers can also take advantage of integrated audio and web conferencing and Encounter’s ShareItNow™ technology for sharing applications and information.

About RapidText
RapidText provides the most advanced voice-to-text services available today. Fortune 500 companies, major colleges and universities and major government agencies rely on RapidText for transcription services while hospitals and clinics find it unparalleled for dependable productivity in acute care environments. RapidText also provides specialized captioning services for all types of public events.

Using its specialized technology, RapidText delivers more than 100 million lines of transcription or voice-to-text annually to high profile clients worldwide. With 250 transcriptionists, 60 captionists, proprietary technology and an in-house software development team, RapidText offers both off-the-shelf and customized solutions that deliver results today. For more information, please visit www.rapidtext.com or call 949-399-9200.

About Encounter Collaborative
Encounter Collaborative provides fully integrated audio and web conferencing solutions that enable predictable, reliable and secure virtual meetings. The company’s seamless global conferencing services enable users to collaborate spontaneously and in real time. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Encounter develops and markets its Audio Control Panel, the first integrated web page for both audio and web conferencing which offers the functionality of operator-assisted calls without the expense.

Encounter’s innovative Web Window and ShareItNow™ technology are part of its APEX platform that provides levels of integration and flexibility not found in third party technologies. The platform supports a robust, scaleable and customizable product that works the way customers need conferencing technology to work. For more information, please visit www.encounter.net or call 1.800.290.5900.

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